The Mountain Jew is a small, almost human creature which vaguely resembles a cross between a goat and a human Jew. It dwells in the rocky mountain outcrops of the Himalayas. They are widely renound for the fluid they create which is drained and sold as a popular soft drink. This drink is commonly known as Mountain Dew and is most commonly found in the USA.
"That darn Mountain Jew took my gold. Them darn mountain Jews are a manky pest..."
by Gavin Henson October 29, 2007
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A man of Jewish ancestry, now living in the mountains, and is a survivalist.

Not your typical, "Let me help you with your taxes" Jew either.
This is a bonified killing machine, armed with an Uzi, Gefiltafish, and an half drunk bottle of Mogan David wine. On the sauce they are unstoppable!!!!
"Have the boys round up a couple of those Mountain Jews to help us. We need some ass kickers in this group."
by FA-Q May 06, 2012
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When you go to a cheap, sleazy gas station and proceed to get a fountain soft drink only to find out its been watered down to hell(can be applied to other watered-downed drinks besides "Mountain Dew"
guy 1: Dude those assholes at the corner gas station sold me watered down sprite.

guy 2: Sounds like high-quality Mountain Jew to me.
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by LimeTiger May 15, 2018
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