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A man of Jewish ancestry, now living in the mountains, and is a survivalist.

Not your typical, "Let me help you with your taxes" Jew either.
This is a bonified killing machine, armed with an Uzi, Gefiltafish, and an half drunk bottle of Mogan David wine. On the sauce they are unstoppable!!!!
"Have the boys round up a couple of those Mountain Jews to help us. We need some ass kickers in this group."
by FA-Q May 06, 2012

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Unlike the famous blue jean shorts made famous by Catherine Bach on the "Dukes of Hazzard," These are the same size but some how a woman 60 pounds bigger fit herself into them.
This reveales horrific sights the back side of her legs which look like someone hit them with a ball peen hammer.
Also there may be a mysterious piece of string hanging from the crotch area. What ever you do, "DO NOT PULL THE STRING!!!"
I had a blind date the other night.
Oh yeah? How'd that work out?
Awe man she came out in these pair of "Daisy Pukes" and I thought I was going to toss my Pop Tarts!
by FA-Q May 06, 2012

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A term used when someone goes too far with a joke and it becomes racist.
Someone will invariably yell out, "CLICK" The sound of the racist button going off. The person who said the joke only hearing the word "CLICK" knows he has crossed a line and needs to back out of that conversation before trouble starts.
"What do you call a bus load of NI#$$# going over a cliff?
A good start."


"Oops sorry guys did not mean to set off the racist button."
by FA-Q May 06, 2012

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