The most boring college town in Michigan. Known to contain many sluts and whores alike. If visiting Mount Pleasant Michigan be sure to avoid The Wayside at all costs!! More commonly known as the wayho.
guy1: Yo, man, where do you go to college?
guy2: Central Michigan University, in Mount Pleasant.
guy1: FUCK YEA! Dude, lets hit up Wayside!
guy2: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
by Collegeisntthatgreat February 27, 2012
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The best mount pleasant. Located in South Carolina, suburb to Charleston South Carolina.
Did you hear, Mount pleasant has almost 20000 people more than the entire country of Greenland!
by What's dat boi October 08, 2018
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the coolest small town in texas and other states have one but so far texas has the coolest "mount pleasant"
mount pleasant texas 75455
by blancaegarcia October 08, 2008
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This is when you are jerking off all over a girl's face and wearing a watch or bracelet on your jerking wrist that makes a rattling noise.
Last night, I straddled her and jerked off all over her... We were pretty quiet, except for the sound of the Mount Pleasant Rattlesnake.
by Bog-man July 12, 2016
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A lie. Neither mountainous, or pleasant. Just a small town in central Michigan, home to Central Michigan University.

Also known as "Mt. P" by people who can't stand to lie, and many drunk college students.
Where do you live?
Mt. P yo!

They drove through the town, just another Mount Pleasant, MI in their eyes.

by Hottie McHotterson February 24, 2009
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slut street a.k.a. high street.
an awesome town in southweseren pennsylavania just outside of two other cool towns Scottdale and Connellsville.

not much really happens here but its a cozy nice little town. if you want to find sluts they live all on high street and low street in mount pleasant pa. lol
mount pleasant pennsylavania
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