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A nasty ass city full of bums and dope heads
You can tell that girls from Scottdale
by Thisbitch8790 May 28, 2018
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Scottdale is a very small town- Sheetz is the best place to go around here- Vapor Den is the best business in the town- Weird kids like smoking cigs at the parks and act cool- Also kids hang out at their parents attic and smoke gas and play fortnite! Welcome to Scottdale
-Where you from?


Tf is that?
-You know where Mount Pleasent is?
No haha
-Well idk what to f*ckn tell you, look at a map

-Yo wanna go to loucks Park and Hang and do weird stuff?
Yah dude lemme finish this cig with my mom than ill ride my bike over!!
-Sounds good man.
by Scottdale, Pa May 21, 2018
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