Type of dance in which: persons wiggle with arms tight to body in snake like fashion to the song of same name by King Gizzard & the Lizzard Wizard.
Rattle rattle rattle rattle RATTLESNAKE *wiggle*
by doseface February 2, 2019
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Another word for suicide, but it is a suicide completed by taking a concoction of pills, the word comes from the sound of the bottle before the pills are taken.
I'm just going to rattlesnake and leave this world.
by Climatecontr January 20, 2020
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To jerk a guy off by vigorously, yet gently, shaking his dick back and forth with your hand.
"I just did the Rattlesnake to him last night, he got off in no time and i didnt even have to blow him"
by cougartown97 April 5, 2010
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An aggressive manoeuver used to ward off potential threats against oneself.

When one correctly performs a rattlesnake, they will have succeeded in poking the assailant's eyes (please refer to The Three Stooges for more information) and also biting them in the scrotum (if they happen to be male).

There is room for variation and interpretation, but preferably, one will not actually have to go through with the threat; the assailant will be confused with your random combination of threats, or scared for their lives.
Fred: "Hey, Tom! Give me my hat back before I rattlesnake you!"

Tom: "What's a rattlesnake...?"

Fred: "It's where I poke you in the eyes and bite your scrotum!"

Tom: "Woah! Weird! Take your hat back and never talk to me again!"
by !leahciM January 17, 2006
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When one person stimulates another person's penis with their hand over the pants, sometimes resulting in ejaculation (spooging)

Hey Patrick, did you get laid last night?

No, but that little slut rattlesnaked me til I soiled my shorts!
by JohnnyVegas August 4, 2006
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A sexual act when anal sex is involved with two partners, can be heterosexual or two males. When the penis is in the anus, the partner that is "catching" farts. Which in return causes a rattle or vibration that tickles the penis that is in the anus.
Mark and his gay partner, Todd are engaging in anal sex. Todd is penetrating Mark's anus, when Mark suddenly farts. This fart is a nice sensation for Todd as the vibration causes a rattle like a Rattlesnake makes.
by Jeff The Funkmaster June 7, 2007
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A Nickname for the Fresh Fuckin Native Anybody Killa
ABK " Im a Rattlesnake don't test me slither BITE! slither BITE!
by piggofdoom November 15, 2006
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