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Mounding is the practice of taking a male's genitals and shoving them up in the body cavity. The end result is that he only has a β€œmound" that resembles a cunt.
You couldn't tell she was a dude even when she was in a bikini because she was so good at mounding.
by kink4you July 07, 2013
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Inserting pillows under the hips of a girl lying on her stomach, "mounding" her ass upwards....providing easy access to her sweetspot and a spanking target that can't be resisted.
I like to pass a leisurely afternoon tying her up, mounding her just right, and administering to her in painstaking detail...
by Autre June 03, 2009
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The art of lying perfectly still while completely covered with blanket. The traditional colour of the blanket is orange, but a sleeping bag or poncho is an acceptable alternative. Mounding is more effective when done in public and is considered a legitimate recreational activity.

Pillows can be used under the blanket.
"I lost 53 calories just by Mounding 5 hours a day!"

"I was a fat lazy slob who would just lay around the house doing nothing all day, now instead, I mound!"
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