this goes back to when police used Motorola radios that were like bricks.

Cracking somone over the head with a Motorola radio
Yo sarge... did you catch criminal. Yea i did, son of a bitch put up a fight, gave him the old Motorola shampoo
by Masterjasta May 3, 2020
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A smartphone typically used by Verizon. Is bluetooth enabled, has broadband service, and also has a camera. Supports windows mobile 5.0
Hey Ken, did you get your motorola q yet?
by corey270 January 18, 2007
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Currently has the title as the thinnest phone "ever"! It is offered by Cingular, T-Mobile, Verizon and Alltel. It is made in the colors: Silver, Black, Pink and (coming soon) Blue. The phone is basicly used by people who have the money, want to be come popular or are popular, and/or for it's features.

Over time the price of the phone has been dropped. To make room for it's successor, Razr v3i.
Hey look, that popular kid has a motorola razr.
by Chris Caisip December 11, 2005
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A sleek, compact phone that fits into your jeans pocket.
I love my new Motorola Razor
by Xanadoo July 2, 2008
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A phone released originally for Cingular only. It has spread to carriers T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless with Verizon getting an upgraded version of the phone. Verizon gained a phone that is very similar to the RAZR's "next generation", the RAZR v3i. It carries the name RAZR v3c and sports a 1.3 megapixel camera, but does not allow expandable memory.

The RAZR is somewhat of a status symbol, not really a phone.

The first RAZR to come out was the silver RAZR. The price was on average, $550-$700. The price is now on average $50-$150.
There are currently five colors (listed in release order): silver, black, magenta, pink, and cosmic blue.

The RAZR's specifications:
bands: quad (850, 900, 1800, 1900)
internal memory: 5 MB
size (heightXwidthXdepth): 3.86 x 2.08 x 0.54
weight: 3.35 ounces
volume: 65cc
spoiled kid: yay, i got a new motorola RAZR! i'm gonna be all popular at school now! =))))

person 2: you have too much money to spend.....

spoiled kid: i know, i'm going to show off to everyone =)
by moogleluvr March 6, 2006
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The first Android phone for AT&T but it's extremely slow, has soooooo much AT&T crapware, shitty Yahoo! search replacing the God of all search engines, Google, and it's got MOTOBLUR, which is pointless.

However, this is available for 99.99 which is pretty good, but it's not worth it. Possibly sucks because AT&T is married to Apple and Apple will divorce AT&T if they let Android take over.
I bought the Motorola Backflip because I don't want an iPhone, and I want Android, sadly, the phone is pathetic even compared to the T-Mobile G1, which is old. Thankfully, I will buy a Palm Pre Plus when it comes out but sadly it won't have Android.
by kkbye May 13, 2010
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the thinnest cell phone that is way overpriced and a bunch of places want to give away. It is only offered by Cingular, and they make not only the stainless steel one but one in black. It is offered to the richest of people so they will be cool
My buddy called me on my motorola razr and it was cool
by ace hole May 5, 2005
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