2 definitions by 1000rrider

1- Japanese superbike made by honda. A high revving 1 liter engine in a light weight frame make it one of the fastest accelerating things running on gods green earth. Not to mention one of the sexiest.

2- To dominate, wax, wipe the floor with etc.

1- That squid on the POS zx12 got owned by the 1000rr which is not only faster, lighter but also a million times better looking.

2- That POS busa got 1000rr'ed.
by 1000rrider November 20, 2006
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Something that old people say you cannot outrun no matter what kind of bike you have.
Old Dude - Remeber son, you can outrun the cops but you cant outrun a motorola.

Me - Watch me.
by 1000rrider November 22, 2006
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