a mother is like a mom but she cares less.

oh what's the difference between a mom and a mother. a mom care about you. a mother has birthed you and made you feel shitty for the rest of your life she will make you want to kill yourself.
hello mother

whatever you stupid idiot
by wazzap046 May 12, 2020
Someone who is always there for you when life gets you down. A mother is a person who puts her kids needs before her own and doesn’t even think twice. A Mother would take a bullet for her family and even worse just to make sure they are safe and live a happy life.
Landry- who is that woman over there she has a heart of gold!

Landon- She just took a bullet for her kids.

Rose- She is a true Mother.
by Pseudonym12387 May 16, 2018
Someone who slaps you all the time, doesn’t support your dreams , and will always guide you in the wrong direction
Sally got accepted into 20 colleges her mother locked her in the basement with rats instead
by Yosama March 1, 2019
Person who you are forced to live with, who just happens to be your birth-giver.
by HADESstepONme January 2, 2022
"Yuu iz wun bad mother, joe...."
"Yuu fukd ma mother, yuu mother.."
by kimmy booth June 1, 2005
Normally to enhance the speaking experience to seem smarter.
"Mom" - "M" + "ther" = "Mother"

Someone you should not mess around with.

The typical person who would say: "I made you."
by Noxuming December 12, 2020