A contraction of emo and retard, ie. somebody who listens to indie music and looks ridiculous with very carefully messed up hair and black pants that are way too tight.
"I don't like going to clubs in Seattle; there are too many annoying motards."
by icon clabber man July 25, 2005
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Derived from and somewhat a contraction of mo from homo from homosexual AND tard from retard as in mentally retarded. Used derogatorily or perhaps in jest to refer to any person judged to be acting in a slow or stupid manner.
We talked to some motard who is "just the computer guy" and didn't seem to understand at all what we were talking about yet felt he was able to man the front desk of the office.
by flamedog February 09, 2004
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a person who does something moronic and retarded.
Screwing your bests friends sister in their house instead of yours and getting caught. You have to be a total motard to not see that coming.
by princess gillette May 23, 2010
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