A alteration of the USMC term Moto. This word is used to describe some overbearing marine who extremely loud and obnoxious all the time. He is so motivated even in the shittiest situations that everyone wants to kick him in the teeth.

Motards yell all the time, wear clothes with USMC logos all over them, have a ridiculous amount of usmc tattoos, and use the word oorah! excessively. They also like to call cadence while they walk around when not marching a platoon. A motard is usually some private or private first class who hasn't even been deployed.
Marine 1: "It is 0500 on a monday morning, it is raining, it is fucking freezing, and we have been standing in formation for 45min. Can it get any worse?"

Marine 2: "Oh my god, that motard over there won't shut the fuck up!"

by Kreator89 February 7, 2010
1) A term used in the U.S. Marine Corps to describe a person that is excessively "motivated" about being in the USMC (military.) He does not think for himself and thinks that whatever the USMC says is ALWAYS right. Follows ALL the rules and consistantly talks about how much he loves the USMC. Sometimes they can be spotted wearing a USMC shirt around. (NOTE: Not all people who wear Marine Corps shirts are Motards, but most Motards wear them quite a bit.)
1) LCpl Benotz: "Dave is such a Motard. He goes to sleep at 2000 (8PM) just to ensure he has more than 8 hours of sleep before PT."

Cpl Schmuckatelli: "Yeah I know, he is so motivated he actually thinks it's wrong to drink underage just because the Marine Corps said so. What a fucking Motard!"
by LCpl Schmuckatelli October 20, 2006
Someone who is actually more retarded than a retard. An extremely stupid person.
by Jackalman November 11, 2007
From: e"mo"tionally retarded.
A person who is generally gauche or lacking social polish, or in more extreme cases, any social skill at all.
Dude this new motarded kid is at our school; he's walking around crying and hitting everyone and then accusing them of beating him up.
by Robert Sanders March 25, 2006
A person who is motivated to the point that it is retarded. Instead of just yelling answers back to upperclassmen, a motard will scream the answer back until his face turns purple. A motard will also come up with ridiculously complicated solutions to extremely simple problems.
Upperclassmen : " Fish motard, why do they call you fish motard?"

by Mr. Finning(NROTC, TAMUG, '11) January 13, 2010
a moron and a retard combined
by Mollyness December 28, 2009
An annoying, boring, self-righteous mormon who likes to kill all of the fun. Usually, they were born and raised in Utah, have never lived outside of Utah and they:
-Don't drink ANY caffeine
-Have never sworn in their life
-Read their Book of Mormon twice a day
-Never miss church
-Don't watch any "R" rated movies
and they think anyone who does not follow or do what they do, is going to burn in hell. Also known as Molly-Mormons and Peter-Priesthoods.
"Hey guys we should watch a movie tonight."

"Let's watch Sweeney Todd!"

"But it's rated 'R'! That's against my religion!"

"Go read your scriptures you stupid motard..."
"Dinner and a movie?"


"Pick you up at 7 on Monday?"

"I have FHE..."

by NinjaSteve June 9, 2009