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A boy with an abnormally large penis which will tear through your anus and beg for mercy. His penis is rumored to have cracked most cheap safes and it has enough force to Kill a baby elephant. Hence the term "once you go pawel you will need a seat cushion for the rest of your days"
Wow pawel almost teared apart my butthole last night!
by oopsasa August 17, 2015
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An extremely attractive polish young man, has looks to kill and a brain thats smarter than most. Many people wish to be as fresh as pawel.
Damn dude pawel keeps it real on every level. I wish i could be him
by rawness101 February 26, 2009
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pawel - a small ferret like animal, which feeds on interest and turns in into pure unbridled BOREDOM. never has anyone made people lose the will to live quicker than he.
jimmy - hey did you see that weird film last night?
steve - oh yeaaah, the one about that guy with the... HOLY SHIT HERE COMES PAWEL, RUUUUN!!!
by jimmy February 24, 2005
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pawell is a small aquaic rodent. originated in poland, migrated to the northern united states. its high-pitched squeals can be heard from kilometers away. its fur is very long and blond. approach with eaar-plugs, and extreame caution.
dude, its pawel.cover you're ears and, RUN!!!
by bobo April 08, 2005
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A polish stallion of a man that everyone wants to be like, even if they don't know it yet. (they will soon enough btw)
He is basically the best thing that happened to earth, and there is nothing that will ever top that, before, now, or ever.
Equal to nothing, but always better than anything, and everything, in the universe. Many have tried to be like him, clearly they failed, and will always fail every time.
example 1.

"Why are you trying to be like Pawel?! You could never be him!"

example 2.

"Where in the world is Pawel to save the day?!"

example 3. "This day is so awesome! Its definately a Pawel day."
by Da Ish August 29, 2011
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