The condition of being more, larger, or bigger then the most.
"She claims she loves me the mostest, but I know it's untrue"
by Demens October 29, 2006
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A form of measurement often used to describe the love one has for his/her spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/etc. It is also used to describe likings to food as well.

This word is used to outdo any other form of measurement. However, it can be defeated by Mostest times infinity.
Sonya may love Noah the most, but Noah loves Sonya the mostest.
by Johnny Bravo AF June 5, 2010
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More than the most,moster, and the mostest. It is the mostester. Even more than the whole shabang.
Adam: I love you Monique.
Monique: I love you more Adam.
Adam: I love you the most Monique.
Monique: I love you the mostest Adam!
Adam: Monique... I love you the mostester!
by Mr. Bowser November 26, 2006
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A word with more meaning than more, most, moster, and mostest, Mostester is the top word to use. It can be used to describe your love for something, the amount you have, or just in everyday arguments.
James: I love you Victoria!
Victoria: I love you more!
James: Most!!
Victoria: Mostester!!!!!!!!!!!!

James: That’s not a real word!
Victoria: Yes it is! It’s in the dictionary!
by vickylynn December 23, 2019
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