The word I use to win the I love you more battle with my girlfriend
by Livia2727 September 27, 2019
A word that can be used to express that something is not just greater than some, but greater than most
"I love you"
"I love you mostest"
"That's not a word"
"Fuck you"
by May 23, 2021
Mostest; More than the most. Therefore, Most is not the highest, but mostest, or simply, more than the most is the highest level.
1: Clint loves Sarah mostest.
2: 'I love you more'; person responds with 'I love you mostest!'
by fujitsunamifaki August 25, 2007
The condition of being more, larger, or bigger then the most.
"She claims she loves me the mostest, but I know it's untrue"
by Demens October 29, 2006