The next level after best, can be used to win verbal arguments. Not technically a word (yet)
ali: i miss you
giancarlo: i miss you more
ali: i miss you most
giancarlo: i miss you mostest
by flipperdoodledandy November 15, 2011
A greater degree than most. A level that cannot be beat. For example, to like the mostest would be the ultimate level of liking that cannot be surpassed.
I love my sweet lil' Ebeth (aka Baby) the mostest and that is fact.
by tnp12 April 30, 2008
A word used by illiterate young persons expressing an over exaggeration of an opinion or fact; to the greatest power of most
I love you the mostest!
I have the mostest jelly beans!
Jeremy gets the mostest action!
by RandomWordMaker December 29, 2011
The love that Ben has for Becky; which is greater than the love that Becky has for Ben
Ben loves Becky mostest.
by Ben Howard December 14, 2005