A guy who cares a lot about other people but deep inside, he also wants to be cared like he does.
U r acting like a Moshi
by Jihack May 5, 2019
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A genuine fun-loving woman who is a big foodie, knows how to dress fashionably, loves fluffy animals and all things nerdy and kawaii.
Everything about that chick is so moshi, I wonder if her senpai notices her.
by Secret Kohai March 27, 2021
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moshi moshi UrbanDictionary head quarters

moshi moshi toshi no jisho no shireibu desu ka?
by The man October 19, 2001
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Moshi Moshi or 'Moshi' for short is a phrase used to initiate a period of time where everyone in a group puts their phones face down on the nearest table without picking it up, for the purpose of enjoying the moment and each others' presence.(Usually right after a smoke sesh)
Yo moshi moshi guys, we're all are glued to our phones right now and it's killing the vibe.
by Jalan Dukuh Indah, LLC February 8, 2020
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This is sentence means like "I'm going to talk" AND IT HAD ALSO BEEN USED ME SHINOBU AN ANIME GIRL IN DEMON SLAYER
Shinobu- "Moshi moshi!
by Hawk's wife February 13, 2022
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surname for people known for a big dick, great taste of fashion, music, movies, women and food
guy 1 : man i wish my last name was moshi

guy 2 : yea, me too
by Moey dw in the area May 25, 2019
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small town in tanzania, Africa for those of u who dont know where tz is
im from moshi maan
by Macee1234 June 10, 2011
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