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To mosh: A way of expressing yourself at an mental rock/punk concert. Almost always done in a "pit" with extremely cool people who you don't even know but they'll look out for you! You get pushed around, shoved, you fall on your ass but it's all in the spirit and you have a f*ckin great time!!!
A concert isn't a concert without getting in a pit!!!
by Rock Chick November 28, 2004

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A little inbred town in West Yorkshire. I happen to live there and have personal experience of the horrors!
It is populated by about 4 main familied (all inter-related) and then randomers like my family and friends who have actaully travelled further than Leeds!
You tend to find the night life situated around the bus station where the townies/chavs "hang out". You don't want to go here between the hours of 1pm-9pm as you will constantly be asked "Wot the fuck u fuckin lookin at!? u wana punch?!"
Inbred centre of West Yorkshire!
by Rock Chick November 28, 2004

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