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Morning shit is a shit that becomes so frequent in your schedule, that it is set aside as part of your morning duties prior to starting the working day.

It's a shit that really signals the start of your working day... in a good way.
Monday morning ritual

1.) computer on
2.) coffee brewed
3.) emails read
4.) bowels groaning
5.) shit taken

"Oh gotta take my morning shit...right! ready to start the day"
by Wizz Bang February 02, 2012
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When you have to take a shit after you wake up in the morning. Similar to morning wood, morning shit occurs when you have your first bowel movement of the day right when you wake up. It may be caused by smoking pot before you go to sleep the night prior to your morning shit. Masturbation in the morning can also cause morning shit.
"Man, that was good weed last night. I had to take a morning shit today."
by Supreme Maggot August 18, 2016
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