from latin Morkus, meaning asshole or shmuck,
also adj. meaning extremely smart but lacking in social sense
youre such a mork!!!!
by mork February 28, 2005
hairstyle emulated by the extremely fashionable. consists of a bun on top of the head, the bigger the better.

said in low tones, a way of calling the attention of someone with said hairstyle, only those with the hairstyle can respond.
"Wow, you're mork looks amazing!"

by mooooooooork April 21, 2008
i was thinking that calling a girl a whales penis was a little wierd so i was like whats a whale vagina? and came up with the word mork, instead of dork.
"jessica your such a mork"
"well if im a dork than that makes you a mork"
by Hackmed August 31, 2005
A television show with Robin Williams that ran from 1978-1983. An alien named Mork from the planet Ork lives with his girlfriend. Mork has hilarious catchphrases such as Nanu Nanu and Shazbot. The creators changed around the show though and ruined it. Mork even had a son that aged backwards named Mearth. Don't mess with perfection.
Man 1: Did you see the rerun of Mork and Mindy last night?

Man 2: You bet! Nanu Nanu, shazbot!
by Clint1930Eastwood December 31, 2014
The mork 7 is the largest breed of the noob. These types of noobs usually travel in swarms and can be found in rare tunnels of the underworld. The head of the pack also known as the concrete sphere is the one that reproduces for the morks. The morks have no soul and acquire their energy through eating gerber baby food as they have no teeth.
The 7 after the mork remains a mystery and many may believe that the number symbolizes unity and the "noob number"

*The mork's natural born enemy is the noob crusher
wow look at that level 4 prestige noob...sucha mork 7
by NOOBCRUSHER July 24, 2008
When you take 2 oppositely affecting drugs, usually a stimulant and a depressant, at the same time.
Hey bro, wanna do a Mork and Mindy tonight?
by Bigpeenbean March 5, 2021
A white boy in an asian body

1/3 of NCT white
Oh my gosh did you see mork the pork in the latest comeback?
by Someone_EXTRa April 12, 2019