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Addictive, describing a strong addictive nature. But also enjoyable.
Superhans "havin a nice relaxing smoke of crack"
after getting very high..
Superhans "Tell ya what, that crack is really moreish"
by some guy 182 October 06, 2009
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addictive, or not quite fully addictive. Sometimes a euphemism for the word "addictive".

Citation: Harper's Magazine, September 2005, p. 17, "Do Not Pass Out."
Chocolate truffles may not be addictive, but they sure are moreish.
by some guy from Albuquerque September 02, 2005
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moreish (adj) -- Descriptive of a consumable that triggers a pleasurable experience which causes an intense desire to repeat consumption; addictive
E.g., Coke. It's MOREISH. you ski, you're king of the universe for 15 mins. Then.. It's like, you're really really thirsty, except for that white people delicacy, dat nose candy. Cuz it's moreish.
But, say some noob wannabe wastes all the product while you're getting your 'coke dump' on.
Kinda feels like... it's like you gotta sh*t but you're at your new gf's house (taco bell night) you painfully wait it out like a champ cuz you know you got that p**** on lock.
by candy collector November 18, 2016
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Moorish architecture's rich, douchey cousin, often found in McMansions.
The Atlanta suburbs are lousy with More-ish styled McMansions whose interiors resemble a Cheesecake Factory.
by Skunk-Evil February 11, 2021
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