Moraine (Muh-rain), mo for short, is a amazing anime loving savage beast. Not only will she tell you like it is, but she’ll destroy you while doing it. Not to mention she’ll pass gas that smells like hell at any chance she gets. With her farts and roasts any person who crosses Moraine better look put.
I’m so terrified, I think moraine has it out for me.

Moraine farted in my moms fucken car 3 weeks ago and I can still smell it
by Lol181882 March 28, 2020
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A whiny little jewish kid who looks like a fat backstreet boy.
Yeah, I want to eat him all up and a stick of butter. -Bubba, from Louisiana State Penintenary
by Phry wit a PH February 17, 2003
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Also known as Moron Valley, is a half-ass college that was founded in 1967 and is located in Palos Hills, Illinois in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. If you live in the southwest suburbs of Illinois and don't go away to a four year university then this is where you usually end up going. The main campus is nestled in the Cook County forest preserves.
John: You goin' away to college this year? Chris: Nah bro I'm going to Moraine. John: lol you're going to moron valley? Chris: Dude it's Moraine Valley Community College. John: Sorry
by Dave_shrimp August 24, 2010
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Actually, it's a pretty damn good school. The only people who don't think so are the people who have never been to a school that actually sucks.

The worst part is that there are people who graduate, go to college, have a whole different life and STILL bitch about the rivalry between KM and Arrowhead. Arrowhead > KM at football, this will never change. Just... get over it.

Some of our hallways are mysteriously splattered with paint and most of the boys are cocky. There are only 40 fat girls out of 1500 students, NO LIE NO LIE.
... so if you're fat you'll feel bad when you come here and maybe develop an eating disorder.

I like my teachers. (:
... and our cheerleaders are cute and good at what they do.
Kettle Moraine High Schools are also known as the Lasers. Lasers are lasery. You can't touch a laser. Zoom zoom zoom!
by I'M A PERSON WHO GOES THERE~~~ November 01, 2009
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A "Blue Ribbion School District" located in Wisconsin. They have a huge drug problem in their school, every year they have 3 or more students who are or will-be mothers, and have teachers who are there just for the money. They have crappy school lunch (except the sub line) and have the dumbest pass rules ever. ALAC is such a dumb idea, kids never go anyways. Teachers such as Mrs. Weiss, Mr. Daniels and Mr. Weiss-John make going to school a nightmare. THere are some nice teachers, such as Ms. Kean, Mr. and Mrs. Weber, Ms. Kind, Mrs. Race and of course, Farina! But, overall, KM should look at their school and see an EPIC FAIL.
I go to Kettle Moraine High School. I cant wait to transfer out!
by xxCUTxMExx April 22, 2009
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A totally amazing high school located outside of Jackson, Wisconsin.

A high school filled with easy women and where 98% of the students are loaded with cash. Kettle Moraine Lutheran also has a much higher drug problem compared to other Lutheran high schools.

Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School (KML) is wayy better at sports than any other school in their conference, especially Laconia and Winnebago Lutheran Academy, also known as WLA or "pooptard acadamy" by some students.

Kettle Moraine Lutheran has about 430 students and continues to grow year after year.

In sports KML dominates year after year, the Chargers have consistently won state in Volleyball, Women's Soccer, Cheerleading, and always is a strong contender with every other sport.

While Kettle Moraine Lutheran continues to excell at everything they do, Winnebago Lutheran continues to be stupid.
Man 1: "Hey man! Did you win at that basketball game yesterday?"

Man 2: "Nahhh man... We played Kettle Moraine Lutheran..."

Student 1: "Hey dude, I heard your transferring to Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School?"

Student 2: "yeahhh... I gotta get out of WLA man, Winnebago Lutheran sucks..."
by supermanX234K7 March 14, 2012
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