Kris couldn't see Mopi, as him being vertically challenged put him out of his line of sight.
by kjhfdalkjshsdf May 9, 2020
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A large individual, often paired with a weird or dreadful smell. Often, they will simulate an alpha behaviour to counteract their natural disadvantages, but this facade usually falters and crumbles fairly easily when in stressful situations.
They can also be recognized thanks to their simp conduct.
-Oh here's Mopi.
-Don't say that, its rude!

-I don't want to sit next to mopi, I faint every time.
by Juicy_jayce February 12, 2020
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Comes from the word mope. Someone who is given to chronic fretting, worrying and whining. Found under beds, inside bathrooms and in front of microphones, shouting their depression hoarse.
Woodstock had it all. The junkies, dopies, groupies and the mopies.
by nehavish January 9, 2005
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1)while haveing sex your penis bends
2)While haveing sex a vain in your penis bends
last night is was fucking mary and i had a mopy know i cant pee strait
by Spudzila May 4, 2006
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To be so depressed that one's penis cannot become properly erect.
by Pokeman 2 da Max! October 11, 2009
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