A moped is fun to ride but you don't want to take it around your friends.
by Rickie D June 17, 2008
An action that implies sadness, drearyness.
"Her boyfriend broke up with her and she's been moping around all week"
by sezziwabbit March 5, 2005
A person of any race or culture that is: presenting themselves as uneducated (either by mannerisms or the clothing they are wearing). Plural = Mopes Mopes usually are up to no good and may have an extensive criminal record and a limited vocabulary.
See Thungs
by Matt March 3, 2004
Adjective. An antonym of glappy. Describing something that you would normally be looking forward to but something about it has you worried. First used on Geekshock Episode #488 "MasterBeta".
Example: "I was really excited that they were going to finally do a sequel to 'Man of Steel' but then I found out that Warner Bros. reinstated Zach Snyder as director so now I'm mopeful that it will be any good."
by Biggshow May 23, 2019
Any person with a negative contribution to society either through excessive criminal activity, exploitation of others, degeneracy, or general idleness not befitting of mankind.
This guy has priors for robbery, burglary, auto theft, and battery he's a Mope.
by S928 August 23, 2011
Harry loves a good mope but Simon does not.
by ethan has grey hair April 22, 2019
-a girl who is not particularly attractive, but is a good fuck.

the whole point being, the girl is fun to ride untill your freinds see you on one, like a moped.

"Dude that girl is such a moped, I'd fuck her, but no one can know."
by Day January 13, 2006