A person of any race or culture that is: presenting themselves as uneducated (either by mannerisms or the clothing they are wearing). Plural = Mopes Mopes usually are up to no good and may have an extensive criminal record and a limited vocabulary.
See Thungs
by Matt March 3, 2004
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(N) A person of lower socio-economic status that leeches off the greater good of society, is lazy and is normally involved in some sort of criminal activity.
The streets are full of mopes tonight; just sittin' around drinking their 40's and collecting welfare.
by money man123 June 8, 2010
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The president of the Mormon church. As in the Mormom Pope.
Did you hear they named the new Mope? It's going to be Monson.
by Neonghost February 17, 2009
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1 Being sad, Pouting, Feeling Sorry For Yourself

2 What i do when the sluts raise their prices :(

3 A song by the Bloodhound gang that is retarded in a good way kuz its random and sings about the weirdest things and features Pac Man on Crack
1 Pussy: Waaa she dumped me :(
Me: Thats what you get for
asking her if she has AIDS


3 Tried to O.D. On the COLD-EEZE
Golden Girls Got Me Sweatin To
The Oldies
by Matt September 27, 2004
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Where is my mope Sandra, I need to get of the discharge
by TheKingOfDefinations October 22, 2022
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To ejaculate on a woman's face. As used in City Audio's "Kent County Bitch".

See skeet
"Yeah I'm from Kent County bitch
Reppin' that 616
Where I mope a ho
With my magic stick"
by Jake Ramos June 21, 2007
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