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-a girl who is not particularly attractive, but is a good fuck.

the whole point being, the girl is fun to ride untill your freinds see you on one, like a moped.

"Dude that girl is such a moped, I'd fuck her, but no one can know."
by Day January 12, 2006

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-A white male who tries to act like a stereotypical black man. The person will dress "ghetto" and use terms like "dawg" and "bro".

similar to the word wigger, but more lulzy
"Shut up pussy! you trying to be super spade or something?"
by Day January 19, 2009

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used in stead of "mother of god"
great googlemoogle she's ugly
by DAY July 05, 2003

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1.)Term used for yelling insults or obscenities at pedestrians from a moving vehicle. Generally, entertaining for the occupants of the vehicle, but not for the victims.

One may yell something along the lines of "NICE FACE UGLY!' at a lone pedestrian or "HEY LOOK!!! A PACK OF QUEERS!" at a group of pedistrians.

Origin: First used by a group of teenagers from Kendall, NY. The word coondick comes from the book Their Eyes Were Watching God, where it is used to refer to an alcoholic beverage of some sort.
I'm bored, lets go coondick tonight.

I want to go coondicking after the movie.

Bill is an excellent coondicker, he yells such funny things.
by Day April 23, 2007

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1.)A white guy that commits a faux pas by using the word nigger in public.

2.)Any white guy that despite the lack of any overt racist acts, is excpeted of being a racist.
1.)"Did you see the video of that nigger guy going crazy on the crowd?"

2.)"I am no racist, its abhorrent."
"Pfft, whatever Richard, you're the biggest nigger guy I know."
by day March 17, 2007

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A term used when a car is packed to full capicity and far beyond.

Origin: Mexicans commonly pack many people into old rusty cars and vans.
1)8 of us needed a ride, so Bill had us mexican pack into his civic.

2)20 mexicans jumped out of that old rusty van, they really mexican packed it.
by Day June 19, 2005

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A store with a "punky" and even a small amount of "gothy" feel to it. They actually do have some good stuff, but it is ruined by the wanna be feel the whole store gives off. Even the people working there scream wanna be.

Ironicly, the kids that say "You laugh at me because I'm different, but I laugh at you because you all the same" buy their clothes here, but fail to relaize everything they are buying is mass produced. Just because it is AE or aeropostle doesn't make it different.
Hmm..I tried AE but I still can't get laid, better try a new cliche, lets go to Hot Topic.

I'm so unique I got my shirt off of a rack with 40 others like it.

Pre-packaged Individuality
by Day August 07, 2006

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