another word for "camel toe" when the vagina can clearly be seen through a tightly fitting material. A frontal Wedgee if you will...
man there are so many cases of mooseknuckle at this here karaoke contest...
by billyfinch December 13, 2002
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because the camel toe has an ugly sister.
"girrrrrrl, did you hear about latrisse?! she got one FAT ASS moose knuckle, foe real doe!" - shatawnya
by lolstopp July 27, 2009
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The unsightly bulge created in the crotchal area when a man's pants are far too tight.

The moose knuckle is particularly evident in middle-aged men in suit pants or Wranglers.

If your friend says something about someone having a mooseknuckle, don't judge them for looking at an older man's crotch. It's like a bad car accident. You don't want to see what happened, but you can't pull your eyes away.
Mr. Johnson's balls were irritated all yesterday because of the horrible moose knuckle his Wranglers created.
by katbermat April 22, 2007
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Bush's pathetic padded pelvic package at the aircraft carrier landing.
There were so many sox stuffed into his crotch that his moose-knuckle made it difficult for him to walk around it.
by Renee May 11, 2003
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Over sized camel toe , camel toe on steroids , big fat camel toe , camel toe that has transformed into something BIGGer
She does not have a camel toe that is a moose knuckle .
by creolepixie March 06, 2015
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