Taya moore is the funniest, sportiest, prettiest girl in the world. She is known for her beautiful blonde hair. Taya is very tall and plays a lot of video games and sport #hatefortnite . Taya is going to be TikTok famous one day, so if you have a friend called Taya moore NEVER loose her. Taya is mostly friends with girls but also has a lot of guy friends, but be careful she might steal your man.
Did you see taya Moore’s TikTok it’s soooooo fireee
by Fatuglydepressedbitch November 20, 2019
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Taya Moore is a beautiful, sporty And tall girl. She’s not afraid to brake the rules and steal your mans. She will become TikTok famous and is known for her beautiful blonde hair. If you find a Taya keep her because she is the funniest person in the world.
Taya Moore’s TikTok is soooooo fire, you should check it out @fat.fingies
by Fatuglydepressedbitch November 20, 2019
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An instagram caption so uncomfortable, it hurts you emotionally
"My eyes looking a lil lit from laying in the sun... I was born 4/20.... but I swear I don’t puff puff pass 🤷🏽 ♂️😉🥺😜🤣🤣"
The Definitive Shemar Moore Caption
by nctoobusy February 10, 2021
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A patch of grass where people frequently commit sexual acts and spray various sexual juices
“I just done Natalie on the slaggy moore
by Molly Slg February 19, 2021
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Malakai Moore is the man everyone wants. He says he’s straight but he’s secretly gay. If you ever meet a Malakai Moore, you’ll be thinking ‘Is he fruity? Definitely’
Look, it’s Malakai Moore. Steer far away otherwise he will try and give you a hotpocket.
by HunkyGoose63 November 3, 2021
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Marcus Moore is a sweet person that gets angry easily. they waste money on stupid things like a rubber duck for a sink. Marcus Moore is a very Hot individual.
Person1:Hey is that Marcus Moore With the hot chick
Person2:Yeah it is. Lucky them
by OpiumGhouls November 3, 2021
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The guy who has it all, not through mass wealth but through his trial and error when he stole stuff like (like your girlfriend) he completely afraid to confess his love or even talk to former friends who dont know him anymore

Person 1: Bro is that Marcus with your girlfriend over there

Person 2: yeah he stole my wallet too last week
Marcus Moore is a name for somebody who can steal girlfriends and wallets at the same time
by Alleyway Salesman February 24, 2022
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