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A moon monkey is the nickname for anyone who's surname is Muloolly or Mullooly or any other spelling I can't think of right now. Instead of having to remember what their name is and how to spell it, just call them Moon-Monkey
Girl A: That Nicola Moon-Monkey has had a baby you know?
Girl B: Oh yes, what has she called it?
Girl A: Maia Pearl Moon-Monkey
Girl B: How nice!
by Monkeys Are My Friends March 04, 2008
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1. Fresh roasted coffee.

2. A specialty coffee roaster out of Illinois.

3. A term used to downplay Starbucks crap.
1. Hey wow this coffee is totally moon monkey.

2. So I bought a pound of Moon Monkey and brewed it at home.

3. Man Starbucks is terrible you should try some Moon MOnkey!
by TDF December 02, 2004
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Noun. A man who identifies with the Madchester scene or Northern English Indie music of the 1990s and early 2000s. Typically wears Parker jackets, check shirts, Adidas Samba trainers and sports messy hair brushed forward over the forehead and ears.

Originates from a Trevor & Simon sketch on Saturday morning kids TV.
by Yorkshire Hunter May 23, 2018
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