Comes from the Latin, Moob (man-boob),

A moober is someone (a man... usually) who, when running, there moobs bounce around.

Moobing is the act of running and your moobs bounce around.

God damn Colin, Your such a fuckin' MOOBER!!!!


OH my god!!
Did you see that moober over there!
by grungerguy October 27, 2007
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Lisa, I had such a fun night tonight. Your amazing and ill always be with you forever. Goodnight. Moober!
by GFMather February 5, 2010
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A genius, particularly regarding financial matters, stock trading, and banking coin.
Are you following that MOOBER on that blog? He's a stock trading genius!
by Schadenfreuder January 22, 2009
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One who is a cool and likable person: easy to get along with:
I wish I was just like Hubert, who is such a moober kind of person.
by Katherine Kwong March 19, 2005
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an easy to get along with person, who is quite likable: happy and easygoing with a care free attitude. just a plain, fantastic person!
Everyone wants to be like Sherbert, who is so moober with everyone.
by Katherine March 19, 2005
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