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A newley invented sport created at a seafood shop, where one spots out that of which he/she would like to "bone" or "spoon" ... or in politer terms, if he/she would have to be on an island with one person to whom they are attracted. The code then spoken aloud, not screamed or shouted, is "MonkFish" thus signaling that the person has found that of whom they would rather "spoon". This game involves two or more people playing where each judges anothers choice thus deciding best one, those of whom do not declare "Monkfish" of times meet, is then disqualified. Limitations of to whom and other relating factors (such as age, sex, relationship with that person) is not applicable unless they are a member of the game, aka: you can only "Monkfish" that who is not involved in the game.
Chef: "Once you find the person you would spend alone with on the island scream out the code, 'Monkfish' "

Julian spots a rather foxy female.

Julian: "Monkfish!"

Chef: Yeah she's alright, but you see she looks a bit like a bimbo. She doesn't look like you could have a conversation with her.

Julian: "I was gonna talk...?"

- Monk Fishing
by [Verification Identity Spot] August 29, 2011
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