9 definitions by User_87

A person who keeps getting up to go to the toilet for no reason
Someone who goes to the toilet all the time
Go on loo liver you might as well use the bog
You are such a loo liver- I think you are in love with it
by User_87 December 16, 2014
When you fart at a family party!
There was an awkward silence at the family party at the weekend so (insert name) shocked the mo fos by farping!
by User_87 December 17, 2014
Like a blob fish but lumpier
A fat lass with a bad haircut
Yo lump fish shake ya fat ass
Hey ya lump fish come going the conversation- don't be an oreo dory
by User_87 December 17, 2014
An ugly mo fo who can't keep their gob shut!
Hey monk fish get a life!
Yo (insert name) ya wife's a monk fish she told me she was sleeping with another guy!
by User_87 December 17, 2014
A person carrying lots of fat and flab, often wearing leggings
Ew, it's a flabalanche!
That is well manky -that fat momma's peach leggings, flabalanche!
by User_87 December 11, 2014
Dat mob of chavs that come towards you
A group of thugs or chavs- often running at a high speed
Dat manky club-it's a chavalanche in there!
Teen mo fos are coming, run for da lives it's a chavalanche!
by User_87 December 14, 2014
A manky shark with a long pointy nose
An insult for a real ugly person or nosey bugger
Ya goblin shark get ya nose out of me business
You so ugly ya make grown peeps cry- goblin shark
by User_87 December 14, 2014