Mon·i·ker (also Mon·ick·er)

n. Nickname
Nickname for Monica.

n. Slang
A nickname or pseudonym.
by Petri April 29, 2013
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Word that happens to sound like my nigger, but has a totally different meaning.
White Guy: What up moniker.

Black Ninja: what the fuck you say to me you little shit
by ClothMoth December 10, 2018
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Could actually be a guys name. Probably 1 of every billion people named monik are guys so when you meet a guy called monik know that you are facing a very rare endangered name for males. Once this name used to be very common for polish Jews (monik is a polish translation for Moses) but since WWII this name has become pretty much 99.99999999 percent girl even through its origins are for polish males.
Wow I met a guy called monik ! He is so cool even through he has a weird name

Hey did you know that monika from friends has a guys name that has been altered to female ? Cool
by Peace warrior June 8, 2013
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street names. These are the names of the members of the gang.
by VAKI5 August 17, 2003
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An apellation or extension to a name (usually fictitious), which gives an insight into the personality of the name holder. Often used by participants on social networking sites.
VirtuousWonder does not suffer fools gladly. "does not suffer fools gladly" is VirtuousWonder's moniker.
by wistoo August 8, 2009
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Ima tag this shit up and put my moniker so everyone knows it's Dai Chun from Frisco China town fools.
by Dai Chun July 30, 2005
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