a.k.a. "Suck-o-zilla"!!!!!
Oh no,it is suck-o-zilla!
by Rocko December 01, 2004
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A female who was a White House intern during the Clinton administration. This intern used all of her wit, charm, and resources to get close to the President in order to charm him, seduce him, and have a sexual relationship with him, which turned to oral sex.
This woman has been chastised and insulted by everyone for doing something that ANYONE would have done. Bill Clinton is one of THE most popular Presidents in US History and had male and female admirers who were straight and gay. He is charismatic, attractive, and magnetic and just being around him is like being around a ball of energy and positivity.
Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton both acted inappropriately... there is no question about that. But, when it comes down to it, she did what many people around the country wanted to do. So, everyone needs to think twice before judging.
"Monica Lewinsky was a slut!"

"I would have done the same thing... and so would you!"
by CTS May 24, 2005
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college student, only 21 and not too bright, who probably just caved in to powerful-old-man pressure. because rich old men, especially politicians, will do *anything* to get a lube job! do a washington internship yourself, if you don't believe me. it takes some intelligence to get OUT of sleeping with them... and your average college student is neither morally opposed nor wise in the ways of the world.

by the time they're 35, most people forget about the stupid things they did at this age. i know i will, and i wish poor m.l. could too!
read samuel richardon's novel Pamela to see what Monica Lewinsky would have had to do to avoid this situation.
by i'm ju5t 5aying... December 11, 2005
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a fat intern that create controversial over the president so that she could become famous and endorse the fat club of America. synonym: chandra levy
politician loves to make their moves on unsuspecting young intern like Monoca Lewinsky and Chandra Levy
by rongxanhz January 28, 2004
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