Man with shaved sides and a long ponytail down the back.
Im thinking of growing out a mongolian for my next hair style.
by bobby v. brown January 03, 2008
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Shaving the genital area so as to have shorn testes( shaved ) and long braided hanging area. :)
I just got a Mongolian! My girlfriend loves this!
by LearnFromDman December 10, 2013
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Kind of like the Inuit, they are born with a genetic ability to live in subarctic temperatures. Mongolians are the toughest East Asians. Mongolians can live in -20 Fahrenheit weather and ride horses better than most Texans.
A: It’s 20 degree right, why aren’t you wearing a coat?
B: I’m Mongolian, 20 degree is like Spring where where I’m from.
by Eastermister January 09, 2020
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