A humiliating experience of paying someone to degrade you.
I was his money slave and for every time he slapped me, I wrote him a check for $25.
by Stricts October 29, 2006
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Somebody that is working so hard to get more money that they forget that there are more important things in the world.
He is such a money slave that he won't even take a vacation to go visit his dying mother.
by Linda December 15, 2003
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Being dependent on money.
We are all money slaves. We work so hard and do so much for just a little bit of it.
by Dr. Deuce January 15, 2010
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This term applies to virtually everyone, everywhere, with the exception of the most elite among us. Everyone else uses money in at least some small way, and the effect is suffering as a result of the corrupt monetary system, where the rich profit from the labour of the masses. The richest rich offer nothing but their wealth, from which they make more wealth. The poor are constantly loosing ground, paying interest while their money's value is eroded by manufactured inflation. The result, the elite rich skim a little from absolutely everyone who uses money, there is no escaping it.
We are all just money slaves
zeitgeist The Venus Project resource-based economy alex jones
by cj666 July 9, 2010
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1. (derogetory) A person who believes that money is the epitome of accomplishment. See also: yuppie, the man.

2. A person who is trapped in a low paying job. See also: wage slave
1. That dude driving that Mercedes is a fucking money slave.

2. I feel sorry for those money slaves working at McDonalds
by Marc December 19, 2003
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A white collar or office professional that has an expensive lifestyle. Typically single or married without kids. Loves shopping, partying, nightlife. Works hard and plays hard. Lifestyle makes them a slave to a high-paying, but infinitely boring and mundane career path, thusly enslaving them to the money. Said lifestyle is an escape from the monotony of work, but the income from work is needed to support the lifestyle. A vicious, enslaving, circle.
"This job blows ass. If I wasn't such a money slave, I'd walk outta here right now!"
by Bull December 19, 2003
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