One of the worst towns in West Texas, it has 984848587587858934894w8487 hotels and 123456789 dollar stores, ALMOST ALL of the restaurants are burger places.
"There's a new place in Monahans"
- "What is it?"
"A Wendy's"
-"Another one?"
by a rando on the internet October 11, 2021
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A place to live if you like drama. There is nothing in this town to do but piss, shit, sleep and eat.
These aint shit hoes from Monahans need to stay out of peoples buisness.
by *S*Q*U*I*R*T* June 26, 2008
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A man who's physical appearance seems to better with age. Usually the "funny-guy" & center of attention in crowds/gatherings, doesn't seem to realize when the jokes have gone too far, and the audience's hysteria has ALREADY turned to annoyance and irritation. Yet the "Monahan" doesn't let that ruin his time. Mostly trust-worthy & for the most part, pleasant to be in company of-- yet a "Monahan's" mood can change quicker than Washington's Weather, and there's no medium. Happy & pleasant, or Angry & just a straight prick. Has compassion for people's feelings, but catch a wave into the storm and you may leave crying or duke-ing it out. Easy to fall in love with because of his humor and his love to cuddle and makes sure you KNOW when he's staring at you, just to soak in your beautiful eyes, But HARDER than a rock to make a split from. A Monahan has been "babied" for most of his life, (and even as a parent and well into his adult hood, gets his way, and anything he wants) causing it very difficult to resolve or compromise with during arguments, since he makes you listen to what he says and when it's your turn it's FUCK OFF I DONT CARE.. LEAVE. Mentality de to being babied, seems to have been cut off from growing at around 8 years old, making it hard for one to get a point across, even if you are taking the blame, and agreeing with what he feels the issue is, just always seems to NEVER get it.
Bro, that Monahan stole my girlfriend with those damn jokes and shit. I wish I was a Monahan and could get whatever I want, for FREE.
by -Jadie Mae July 1, 2015
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Has an abnormally tiny dick. Pulls no bitches. Likes dudes named Chris ungro. He is also in love with cock and balls
That kid Ryan Monahan, complete weirdo
by Rocco1614 May 20, 2020
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A small albino Nazi with vagina. Into the same girl for 8 years (#sorrynotsorry). #hasamilf
by Coleman Monahan October 29, 2021
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Someone who starts drama and is also a selfish person. A JuJu Monahan thinks the world revolves around them. JuJu meaning drama and Monahan meaning selfish and full of themselves.
Look at that person who thinks their such a good dancer and their not... They are such a Juju Monahan
by SavingEarth August 26, 2018
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