(noun) a playful insult; short for the word moron; closely related to the terms bafoon, blockhead, fool, idiot, jerk, and silly goose
That momo cut me off when I was driving home!
Stop being such a momo and get back to work!
by croft29 April 06, 2011
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An abreviation for mother/mom such as the police is to po po.
The Po Po was questioning the Mo Mo to see if her son was still sleeping while the robbery was in pursuit.
by cricketnahhh0 September 04, 2018
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Name of Tarzan's daughter, a cute, innocent nomadic girl who appears to be wild and aggressive only to defend herself. She is actually very kind, loving and always want to help people in troubles. She's mute by the way, or speaks in a language that no one uderstands.
You've been lost in the wood all day right, my dear Momo, and now you come home disheveled?
by ThoTui May 07, 2013
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1. A character in the anime Peach Girl.
2. Japanese for peach tree.
Momo is my favourite character in Peach Girl.
by SassyCassy August 31, 2007
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a stupid person, aka "dingus", "douchebag", or just plain old "fool"
"hey momo, knock the shit off or im gonna slap you."
by s rudiman September 02, 2005
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