A great nickname for an amazing, talented, funny, loyal, and overall awesome best friend! This guy is smart and knows what he's doing!!! You can't go wrong with the name momo! He's always there for you when you need him and can always cheer you up when your down. <3
Used as a nickname:

Everybody calls Zack by his nickname around here, Momo!
by ZackZurginger March 02, 2012
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Being sexy and hot at the same time; May also be moderatley intelligent; Simitnously possining the qualities of an aphrodisiac.
WOW! what a MOMO
MOMO is looking good
I am in love with MOMO
by uga25 April 09, 2006
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Swahili slang for big "beautiful" women (BBW)
Your into momo's
by intwit January 08, 2014
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in Konkani (language of Goa and Mangalore and Konkan region of Maharastra).

Also, a steamed Chinese dish that looks and feels like breasts, made of rice batter with meat filling inside.
I love momos.
Her momos are really big
by Geo January 23, 2005
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A fucking smoking hot babe. You love him but are forced to break up with him cause your annoying gf wont stop getting mad abt it while simping for ugly ass vinnie. Summary Momo is hot asf and is great at minecraft.
Dang momo you are looking sexy asf today do you think alyssa would ind if i clapped?
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by Daily Dose of ASS November 05, 2020
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Originating from a Japanese sculpture called Mother Bird, Momo is the MOST TERRIFYING, SADISTIC THING TO EVER SHOW IT'S FUGLY FACE ON PLANET MOTHERFUCKING EARTH!!!
Mom: Sara, watch Peppa Pig.
Sara: What if Momo shows up and kills her?
Mom: Who in Hell is Momo?!
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by RedRabbit1987 March 04, 2019
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A shortened word for 'motel'.
Ray-J & Yung Berg's 'Sexy Can I'-

Sexy can I, keep it on the low.
Got a girl at the crib, we can take it to the momo.
by idontknowww March 30, 2008
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