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A word describing usually a fat slob who gets treated like a special person because their mother feeds them too much and praises them when they've done something small.

Usually an adult dickless wonder around the age of 18 to 30, who pushes his girlfriend further away every time they get into a fight by running to mommy.

It would usually seem as though the mother and son have a fuck buddy relationship with how much they're both up each other's asses.

If the Son goes out of line and doesn't do what his mom says, then disobeys her by making his own choices, the mother yanks the leash harder and makes him "Mom's Bitch" Similar to prison bitch only cupcakes and candy are involved, along with the male genitalia actually metaphorically shriveling up.
Thomas: Mom I uh.. I think my girlfriend and I need more privacy. She thinks you're intruding and invading our privacy.

Mom: I see. I guess you don't care that I might be dead in five years. I try to see you often before that happens because I love you!

Thomas: But mom! We love you too we just need some privacy, we are adults!

Mom: You are being DISRESPECTFUL!

Mom's Bitch: I am sorry mommy. I'll never do it again.
by tsunbot November 02, 2010
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