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Social Securitit is a reference pertaining to the money tax payers make that is stolen from them by men and women who don't have disabilities severe enough to actually get free money every month, but some how manage it.

The Social Securitit is the section of the social security office that is taken advantage of by people who live well above their means, it's an open nipple, squirting it's free milk for mooching users who also usually do some sort of side work that involves no labor of any sort and usually without paying taxes. Truly, the Social Securitit is the real victim here.
I just got the new x-box fall out! The graphics are sweeeet.

Oh man, I wish I could afford that on my pay check but I have to use that for rent. How'd you afford that?

Oh, my disability.

Ugh, man, you should really stop sucking off the Social Securitit.
by tsunbot November 02, 2010
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A creative cuss word, better than mother fucker and way better than mother bitch. So vulgar while disgracing the name of mother. Almost like telling someone you fucked their mother's asshole last night but in a more nonchalant manner.
Crystal: I just wanted to let you know that you have sharted yourself while on the dance floor.

Becca: Seriously don't think you you're being a mother asshole telling me that? You could have waited until we were outside.
by tsunbot September 24, 2011
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A word describing usually a fat slob who gets treated like a special person because their mother feeds them too much and praises them when they've done something small.

Usually an adult dickless wonder around the age of 18 to 30, who pushes his girlfriend further away every time they get into a fight by running to mommy.

It would usually seem as though the mother and son have a fuck buddy relationship with how much they're both up each other's asses.

If the Son goes out of line and doesn't do what his mom says, then disobeys her by making his own choices, the mother yanks the leash harder and makes him "Mom's Bitch" Similar to prison bitch only cupcakes and candy are involved, along with the male genitalia actually metaphorically shriveling up.
Thomas: Mom I uh.. I think my girlfriend and I need more privacy. She thinks you're intruding and invading our privacy.

Mom: I see. I guess you don't care that I might be dead in five years. I try to see you often before that happens because I love you!

Thomas: But mom! We love you too we just need some privacy, we are adults!

Mom: You are being DISRESPECTFUL!

Mom's Bitch: I am sorry mommy. I'll never do it again.
by tsunbot November 02, 2010
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A term used by many wiggers and prepubescent boys who play runescape.

Being cool to be a retard.
Yall hatin' haters need to stop with the retardizzle shiznitz.

Look at sammy over there he oozes confidence in his retardizzle state.
by tsunbot August 01, 2010
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Crass female who sees every other female as competition. Taking it upon themselves to turn their noses up at anyone who isn't on their 'level'

An arrogant snob with a god complexity, usually rich from their husband's money. Superior to everyone around them except for uppity cunts alike, even then they're in competition with each other.
Jay; Crystal is a damn good computer technician and she recently had a client who got so butt hurt because the client wanted to be talked to with fake sympathy, instead of talking to her as if she were only doing business.

Trevor; What the fuck? As if your computer technician should have invited her over for cake and tea!? What an uppity cunt!
by tsunbot June 27, 2011
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A very angry little shit, much like the evil human eating aliens from the critters movies.
It doesn't have to necessarily be in the physical ball form

or a midget but what would seem like an angry little bastard who reeks of rage and uncontrollable annoying anger.
Sid: Are you chicken shit? Come on man, you gigantic shit for brains! Come on come on!!

Giant guy sitting at bar: I am going to ask you nicely to please be quiet, sir.

Sid: Aww girly panties not pulled up? waah waah

I'm gonna head butt your abdomen and use it as my pillow!

Giant guy sitting at bar: Well, I think we need to take this outside because you're being a huge Angry ball of asshole.
by tsunbot July 13, 2011
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Yesss, those assholes who stay up way too late fucking each other, scraping unknown objects against their walls. The assholes who crank up failinem aka eminem and think it's so cool. You see them in the apartment parking lot with their limp bizkit cranked all the way up while head banging. Seriously, who the fuck head bangs to limp bizkit?

You've yelled quite a few times but to no avail.
Jeff: Why are the guys next door having sex like they're animals in heat?

Caleb: How should I know what those next door assholes are doing? I hope their genitals catch on fire.
by tsunbot October 07, 2011
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