Verb: To top other people's stories, specifically with one that is ridiculous or lame
I can't believe that guy just Moloney'ed my story/
by Frank Watson July 28, 2010
Someone who is so cool that people literally faint in his presence.
We had to resuccitate ten girls after that moloney walked into the room.
by Tyson Anderson August 27, 2006
1) unconstiutional, immoral , wihtout any ethics

2) unaesthetic, palestine basically with no taste in music or art
that girl sarah...shes such a moloney!
by ray rice April 16, 2007
A big-eared negroe.
Not the son of Dean Moloney
"Deante Moloney sure gets radical on his skateboard. He's also really into anal fisting"
by barfyman212 November 29, 2017
Callum moloney (aka moloney) is a pikey who’s house goes 50 down the motor way. His house has tires, a steering wheel and a hand break. Moloney’s nanny fell out the window and she lives in dun laoghaire with the council rats
County council lawyer ‘ wasn’t Callum moloney meant to be evicted
Dlr man ‘ they drove away
by Facts 11 April 7, 2022