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From what it seems "mokin" is another term for smoking weed. It is still unofficial.
"What the fuck does mokin mean?"
We gonna go drinkin.. and mokin!
by Joshfromreading March 08, 2011
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Someone who is rather foolish. Constantly joking with everyone even in serious conversations/moments.
Arr shit yo, I've been arrested can you could pick me up?
Naaahh I ain't no taxi service!
Bail me out you Mokin!

(At funeral) Yoo that bitch looks fat in that dress and tha coffin ain't doing nothing for her.
What the fuck!? That's your wife you Mokin!
by Deluded May 03, 2004
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Its the raunchier version of the fake moustache. A phenomenon sparked by Members of the republic of Movember who fail to grow a substantial mo. The fake moustache used often resembles a Merkin rather than a real mo.

Mokin can also refer to a moustache that is poorly maintained or is one of sparse or irregular growth and resembles pubic hair rather than facial hair.
Hey mate, that mo looks like it belongs between your legs... is it a merkin? Ha, of course not, it's a Mokin!
by StarRez Mo Bro November 19, 2008
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a word used in hawaii to describe mokes when they are partaking in their moke activities or acting real moke.
Oh, check out that dude, he's straight mokin!!
by gotmyLGson July 30, 2008
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