A fucks who likes to give C's in P.E.
I just got fucked by Mohr on my report card.
by Billy Smith April 22, 2004
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1) to be a Mohr
2) to make yourself a Mohr

Both are expressions if you were drunk and did somethng really stupid. Namend after Sebastian Mohr, who did stuff like:
-burnin his house
-gettin hit by a car
-fell asleep next to his dog
Person1: Damn boy, you were really drunk last night!!!
Person2: can't remember shit
Person1: man you really were a mohr last night! You fill in some embarrasing or stupid action

When i came home last night i really made a mohr out of myself when i felt down the stairs.
by Dr.Med.denRasen July 23, 2007
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Jay Mohr invented the Mohr's Circle, used in engineering to find maximum stress or strain.

He is also a comedian accused of stealing other people's jokes (but the Mohr's circle is 100% his)
A funny joke-thief had a profound impact on mechanical engineering. Jay Mohr is all that and more!!
by Angelino August 7, 2007
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"I felt really bad for the Kyle Mohr in that mad scientist's experiment, it must really suck to be connected to someone's abdomen and have someone connected to yours at the same time"
by Mudkips Galore October 5, 2011
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to get the double pangy (see pangy'd) from friends
Hey, Joe and John, are you ready for the movie? "WHAT, you don't want to go? But I drove all the way over here."

I have never been mohr pangy'd in my life!
by cashow March 22, 2005
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An order 10 piece Mild Buffalo wings, cheesy bread, and a bottle of vault.
I am going to order "The Mohr Special" when we get back from partying.
by aftermath7689 March 23, 2008
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An amazing human being.
Smart, loving, caring, cute, and funny. No matter your mood, she will always make you laugh. And when you're around her you feel like you can do anything. She's a beautiful person, both inside and out...

Not to mention she has a A++ body, perfect ass and tits.
Hey man, have you met Sarah Mohr yet?
Yeah, she's great!
by Lythian May 10, 2016
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