The most trashy and shit apps which random people make. Some may be good, but most are full of ads and generally suck
There is no example needed to let you know what mobile games are.
by N e p p y June 4, 2018
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Mobile gaming used to be really good in the early 2010s, but nowadays they either fall into one of the following categories:

1) Cheap and trashy games that are littered with ads and poorly optimised. These types of games spread like cancer in the app/play store and are mostly based on arcade concepts of more successful titles (e.g. candy crush, coin pushers, bubble shooters, etc). They are often made by some unknown developer with the sole intention of making profit. Many of them have fake 5-star reviews.
2) Pay to win games that are set-up to become nearly impossible to beat unless you pay.
3) Games that adhere to some sort of EXP leveling or reward system. Most of the old titles like fruit ninja have adopted this system, which ruins what used to make these games really fun.
4) Games that claim they will give you money for playing, but are actually a scam.

The days of pure uninterrupted mobile gaming are now gone. The only good reputable mobile games out there are from indie developers, which are mainly seen on the Google Play Store.
Guy 1: You see brad over there?
Guy 2: Yeah...?
Guy 1: He likes mobile gaming
Guy 2: Ewwwwwww
by UwUltimateDoge November 11, 2021
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mobile-game is when something is just premious times 2, and used to describe something that is very amazing and mobile-game.
"that is soooo mobile-game!"
by premious August 2, 2023
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Often used to describe non-mobile games that have similarities with actual mobile games (such as Clash of Clans, Farmville etc) such as pay-to-win, loot-boxes, timers, large or over-simplified user-interfaces, trade gameplay for accessibility or have just otherwise sold-out to make the most possible money with the least amount of effort.
I logged into World of Warcraft yesterday to play Shadowlands, it is basically a mobile game now.
Yeah RuneScape is a mobile game now too, I'm going to play Old School RuneScape instead.
by 1Head April 17, 2020
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An extremely inferior subdivision of Gaming, Mobile Gaming attracts the stupidest and lowest of society with its clickbait ads and flashy colors.
Man 1: Dude, i think i might like stacy!
Man 2: Bro, you do know she indulges in Mobile Gaming?
Man 3: Nevermind then, what a fucking retard.
by MankMuffinMemes September 15, 2020
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Mobile Game Ads are ads that you get for mobile games that have a stupid ass caption on the top that sounds like a fucking youtube title for an Ali A video and gameplay of someone sucking ass at that game. No mobile game ad goes without that format, or else it is not considered an ad.
"These fucking mobile game ads are making me want to rot in hell. They don't even make sense. Fuck this shit."
-smashes phone-
by nonameihavenocreativity October 29, 2018
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