To do something fun/entertaining and/or exciting.
"Would you like to mix it up at the park today? We could bring a frisbee or a ball of sorts."
by Jimmy McKenna April 16, 2008
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To add difference to anything you are doing.
"Today is soo boring, I am going to mix it up and do something different".
by Amanda Kipniak June 1, 2006
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A type of meal, popularized by the Jewish student community in Philadelphia, in which strangers are randomly thrust together and forced to communicate, and even, dare I say, become friends. Most helpful for the shy and unpopular, but fun for all.
On April 9, the Jewish Grad Network is throwing a Mix-Em Up Meal. I'm going because I like meeting small groups of people in controlled environments!
by J&J Tubes and Tires March 17, 2010
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When your girlfriend does a stinky fart whilst entertaining her pussy and it instantly ends the fun.
Gary is eating Debra’s pussy and Debra does a Stinky fart and instantly ends the fun. The Mix Up
bloody hell Debbie that’s disgusting”
by D&G17 November 3, 2018
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A conversation or "bit" that is hard to follow for those not in the immediate back-and-forth.
Branden: *says something obscure but funny*
Nate: *replies with something funny but obscure*
Karina: What?
Branden and Nate: Sorry, just a classic Branden-Nate mix-'em-up.
by psyguy69 December 12, 2017
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when one is to ask or repely to a question with a random answer
(person 1)Hey how's the weather? (person 2)Family guy comes on at eight.(person1)Why are so "mix-up"
by jumper1847 September 18, 2010
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A synonym for "being or turning bisexual" or "getting curious towards one's other sexual side". That term is derogatory and describes bisexuality from the unilateral point of view of an exclusive homosexual and/or heterosexual stand.
Karla is not completely a lesbian. She is rather... mixed up.

Maybe she is bisexual?

Possibly. But we still love each other dearly.

I have no doubt about that
by Ysengrim January 2, 2004
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