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Mitchelle is Hebrew for "Gift from God"......she's really pretty like downright fine with an amazing smile that can arrest you...She's smart and not to mention extremely talented...vocally. She is so caring, an animal lover, has a great sense of humor and is very colourful in persoonality...What stands out about her is that she loves with the love of the Saviour...she's a really warm person is always there when you need her. She's ready to face anything alongside you...She takes good care of you and is always praying for you...but most of all She's God fearing...loves the Lord with her all...
Guy1: Dude, do you have a Mitchelle in your life
Guy2: Nah bruh why?
Guy1: Trust me you need to get yourself one now
Guy2: Aight man cool
by PrinceCharmingJaty August 20, 2017
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She's smart

An adorable lady who loves cologne
Tomboy characteristics can be identified

Suspected to smoke weed
Wow she's called Mitchelle no wonder she smells weed
by Docweed January 09, 2017
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1. A really sexy dane that likes to get down. She likes to party hard and sometimes has sex for money.

2. A type of medicine that makes your Penis get engorged and makes it super sensitive.
1. "Man, Mitchelle gave me a really good time last night, but her prices were kind of steep."

2. "mitchelle made my penis grow quite large as I was paying for sex with Mitchelle."
by Your Neighborhood language November 07, 2011
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a lazy ass guy that looks like a monkey love s to smokes and has his way with the guys.
"barnicles what happened to ur boyfriend Tim?"
"you mean mitchelle he's still my pumpkin seed."
"oh cause i though you were straight?"
"I was.."
by amonyious September 01, 2008
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