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Mitchell... often called Mitch.
Know-it-all when it comes to girls. Can predict every move a girl is going to make as well as her entire thought process.

However, he rarely goes for a relationship. He prefers the 'flirt and conquer' method.

He can often be found playing video games or maybe avoiding his parents. He also enjoys jumping on trampolines, and once in a blue moon can be found running to the park. :D

A Mitchell listens better than most other boys. He tries his best to understand and give advice.
But he isn't afraid to let you know what a dumbass you are or how much you worry him sometimes.

He doesn't mind that he constantly has to remind you how much you mean to him because he knows how thick-headed you can be.

A Mitchell enjoys making fun of vegetarians and vegans and holds firm to his belief that meat and chocolate lava cakes are supreme.

Sometimes Mitchell's are jerks but most of the time they mean well and even though the fights can get intense, it's only because they care so much and don't want to see you get hurt or feel like you're being replaced.

He is the best friend one can ask for and will stay around for as long as you will let him, you just gotta let him in and stop building walls.
He prefers girl's hair down and major fan of rappers such as Eminem and Lil' Wayne.
Girl: "I like him but I don't know if he likes me... He is so nice all of the sudden! I think he really likes me!"

Mitchell: "It's because he wants something from you. He's going to ask if he can pick you up tonight for a party just wait..."

Girl: "HE TEXTED ME! ...And he asked if I wanted him to come pick me up for a party..."
by justsaymyname<3 April 04, 2011
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The most amazing name for a boy. He is sweet, funny, caring, hot, and great in bed. He is kind of a video game nerd but leads a social life; he loves to be outside and hangout with friends. He is BAD ASS.
"Wow, that guy is such a keeper, a real Mitchell"
by Cup vs. cake February 04, 2010
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Mitchell's have a wicked sense of humor and tend to stay inside and play video games. Intelligent, but a little odd at times. Treats people with kindness at spontaneous moments, but can have a rough exterior at times. Mitchell's are normally talented at many things, causing many people to be jelous. They chose to ingore these people, even unfortanetly bringing this into his freindships. Overall though, Mitchell's are very good people and can be an amazing freind.
"OMG Mitchell is so hilarious!"
"I know right?"
by nerdgirl400 January 05, 2013
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Their smiles are so beautiful.
The most perfect boy in the world and can make you happy with everything he does. Being around him is the best feeling in the world and his hugs are the best. If you ever get a mitchell, never let them go because they are the most perfect boys ever.
Person 1; Who's that boy? He's so beautiful.
Person 2; That's Mitchell.
by MissShaddix July 14, 2012
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The most amazing person in the world.

Great sense of humour.

Amazing body.

Eyes that you can't look away from.
Lovely lips.

A good person.

Someone you can't live without.
Someone that can brighten your day
with a smile or a hug.
That does really cute things.
Computer geek, but still cute.
Girl 1: I love my boyfriend so much!
Girl 2: Do you have a Mitchell?
Girl 1: Yeah, how did you know?
by MrsChubs. July 24, 2011
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any people with this first/last name are considered to be the most exillerating people to walk the earth. They are also looked upon at the same height as most ancient greek gods such as Zues. they also have huge hammers
jethro : apparently that guys name was mitchell?

hannah: really? he looks like such a mitchell. now I'm off to get his digits. bye
by Smash the trash February 26, 2012
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The most awesome person in the universe.Any person named Mitchell is great at everything ever. Nothing is more powerful then a Mitchell except for Chuck Norris,but it's a close call.
Mitchells are also incredibly attractive.
"Wow! Mitchell just ripped apart a Whale shark with his bare hands!
by gaogfhgbhsaob May 01, 2010
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