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Misti has an amazing smile. Her laugh. Wow. You'll fall in love the instant you hear it. She' a gorgeous person inside and out. She has the biggest heart. She's so caring and loving. Sorta like a teddy bear. She's talkative when she know you very well however, she shy and quiet if you dont. Her eyes. Wow they're beautiful. She does no harm. Shes very protective. She's an amazing girlfriend from what Nathaniel says. She's one of those girls that you'll fall in love with imeditly. She's know s when you're feeling down. She's do anything in her possiblity to cheer you up. She's fun. She knows how to have a good time. She's open minded shes up for anything. She's intelligent. She's not like other girls at all. She's an old soul. She's incred in incredible. You'll never be let down by her. She loves music. She's a great artist. She's very optimistic. She knows how to turn on bad day to a great day. Misti is such an important person in life. She's a great friend. If you ever meet a Misti. You'll be in awe of her. She's so fragile. So, be carful with her. Never hurt her.
Misti is such a great girlfriend to Nathaniel. He absolutely loves her with all his heart and she loves him too.
by Thatboywithdimples July 13, 2018
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Misti is anyone with a great smile and eyes. Always bringing the fun into the group. Very talkative and always is speaking her mind. Misti has a good body and is great in bed. Anyone who is named Misti is loved by everyone. Out going, loving, funny and fun to be around. Misti knows how to eat and loves cooking. Misti is awesome.
Anyone with a good smile, wow she's Misti.
by Skaterdood111 April 15, 2012
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Misti is a wonderful girl. She's caring. You can always count on her when you need someone. She's loveable. She an adventurer. She spontaneous. Misti loves music. She can draw. She's an amazing artist. Misti is funny. Shes different . Very unique she is. Misti is like a small puppy, you don't want anything to happen to her. She's an amazing friend and girlfriend. Misti can be talkative if she comfortable with you. Other than then she's very shy and quiet. Misti motivates her friends. She never tells a lie. She's incredible.
Nathaniel is deeply in love with Misti because she's an amazing girl.
by Thatboywithdimples July 13, 2018
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misti a hot, intelligent, sexy young individual. usally more girls tend to have this name then boys but there are exceptions. decribes a very pretty individaul heart and soul !!
misti is anyone with a fantastic smile n a great eyes... wow shes misti !!
by kareena115 May 30, 2007
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Misti is the name given to 32.8% of the white trash/trailer park girls born between 1979 and 1989 in the American midwest. There are actually more girls named Misti than the proper spelling, Misty during this time because it also happens to coincide with the lowest levels of adult literacy in American midwest history. Most "Mistis" live a life of relative comfort because they don't mind the squalor that accompanies abstract poverty and there's always a new suitor waiting in the wings to make sure she never has to provide anything for herself or her many many children. Loyal to no one, Mistis aren't usually married and they've been known to talk for days on end about how pretty they are.
Did you here Donna cheated on Mike with a drifter and now they're living with his mother? She turned into a real Misti.
by Uncle Terrence December 11, 2017
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