its you.
hey dude what are mistakes...?

person: boi every mistake is you.
by Alex Adler December 12, 2019
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if you scrolled this far, you.
Friend: why are you searching up mistake?
You: I just wanted to see the definitions
Friend: y'know there's probably a better way to use your time. why don't you talk to your friend's
You: I'm talking to you. you're my friend
Friend: what? no I'm not. I don't even exist. man, you really are a mistake
by theonegirlwiththelonglastname November 16, 2019
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The act of making a wrong choice.
I made a mistake. That mistake was forgetting this was a dictionary.
via giphy
by Marco- August 29, 2020
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The thing that liars and cheaters try to use as there excuse over and over again every time you catch them dickin a slut down and lying to your face about it.
I caught Kenny getting his dick sucked again by his ex (he made a cellphone video of it) he told me he made a mistake and I told him it ain't a mistake after the first time its a choice you stupid dumptruck
by Sikofitall April 19, 2020
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Boi you shouldn't be talking you are a mistake the condom broke! Your mom tried to have an abortion at school but you came out.
by MistakeMi March 20, 2018
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