The nickname of the singer, Missy Elliott. The actual meaning of "misdemeanor" is "a minor crime", ain't slang.
Tha Misdemeanor on da show!
by Fangsta December 14, 2003
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(noun) A minor wrongdoing.
Did you hear about the guy that swore in public? He was fined $2,000 for his misdemeanor.
by MBite April 3, 2021
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All Girl Rock Band From Sweden.

In May 1997 they released "The Misdemeanor EP" on Pshychout Records / Shevil Recordings, after almost a year in the studio.
Other releases Include 5 wheel drive, Let me know and You're Nothing (and you know it).
by aNthraXx January 16, 2004
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(Travis comes out of the bathroom.)

Jacob: Man you were in there for like 15 minutes...

Travis: Yeah I was committing a wiener misdemeanor.
by TFJM December 1, 2008
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A Petty Misdemeanor is the lowest class of Civil Offense. It is not a crime, and thus is not technically classified as breaking the law.

It generally results from breaking a City Ordinance, such as illegal parking, letting your dog off a leash in a leash required area, or a very minor shoplifting offense.

Petty Misdemeanors, in terms of severity, are below Misdemeanors, which are below crimes. Petty Misdemeanors, by law, cannot require jail time and any fines imposed shall not exceed $300.

Ordinances are passed by cities, since cities cannot technically enact laws. Many ordinances are total bullshit. For example, in Chicago, 'exceedingly hideous people may not appear in public.' Or in Hillsboro, Oregon, 'your horse cannot ride in the back seat of your car.'

See Coaster Ordinance Loony Law
Jason: "That prudish police officer just issued him a citation for shoplifting a candy bar."

Mike: "Only a single candy bar, who stops someone for that?! What a douchebag!"

Jason: "Yeah, but it's probably just a petty misdemeanor"

David of Chicago: "Woah, check out that fuck ugly woman over there."

Pat: "I hope the cops give her a ticket for being so fuck ugly, she shouldn't be showing her face to the public."
by The Fascist Marxist February 28, 2009
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a term coined by New Orleans inner city residents, to describe the murderers who are only held in jail for 60 days or so and then released due to the Police Departments’ inability to process or preserve crime scene evidence due to the the cities over burdened justice system.
Josh went to jail for 30 days for misdemeanor murder.
by mattdoesntdrink March 3, 2007
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